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July 20th, 2004

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07:14 am - emo
The time has at last come for oddfish42 and I to announce our secret project. For a long year and for many a night this summer, we have been writing and jamming with Tristan Davie and Jason A. Porvey to improve our music skills. Now, we're hijacking this community to showcase our first (and probably only) CD, "Steel Flowers In Mud."

If you don't like emo, you're shit out of luck.

1. New Day, Blank Page
2. Half-Drawn
3. The Wrong Way To Nowhere
4. Foundering
5. Rental Life
6. Lost In My Shadow
7. Ambiguous Exit
8. Blue Flicker (Of The TV)
9. Night Lies
10. Someone To Less Than 3
11. Fool's Gold Medal
12. Vicodin

Oh yeah, our name is "We Were Going To Be The Reason But The Reason Already Took It." You'll probably hate it, but you know what? We're used to being hated.
Current Mood: emo-core

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